LED Starry Sky Projector Lamp Star Light

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LED Starry Sky Projector Lamp Star Light


The night light is ideal for a baby’s or kid’s bedroom and for decorating weddings, birthdays, and other parties.

It’s a great romantic night lamp and decorative light.
The Relaxing Sky Starlight Projector Pot is an innovative light that projects star light and moonlight around a room, thereby transforming the room into a relaxing sky-like environment at night.
It gives your kids comfort and a feeling of relaxation at night

The special 12 constellations design allows your children to find their own and feel different stars.

It’s also a desk lamp if you take out the two internal film and close the top cover.

3 kinds to suit different environments.
5% low brightness design help kids sleep, they won’t be terrified even if being waken in the middle of night.

A rotation base projects colorful star, balloons, animals, and constellations into ceilings and walls, presenting a very beautiful dynamic universe and ocean, as if you were in that pretty world.

Power Supply

3*AAA batteries and USB charging, you don’t need a long cable to put it in different places to project which is convenient.

How to Use the Star Night Light
Button A- Press this button to change the lighting effect and color. Press button “A” once to switch on the night light projector. Press the same button 2-6 times to change the lighting effects. Press the same button 7 times to switch the light off.
Button B- Press this button to change the degree of brightness. Press it for long to rotate the light. You will simply press button “B” for 3 seconds for the light to start rotating.

Modes: Night Light or Star Projector
Styles: 3 colors, 3 brighnesses, 6 projection effects, 5 different films
Product Size: 5.1 * 5.1 * 5 inches
Product Weight: 0.6 lbs.
Material: Plastic
Power Supply Mode: 3 * AA Batteries or USB connection

Package includes:
1 * Night Light Projector Lamp
5 * films (Planet, Star, Birthday, Sea World and Constellation)
1 * USB cable
1 * Manual