Argentina is provided with a vast territory and a huge variety of climates and microclimates ranging from tundra and polar in the south to the tropical climate in the north, through a vast expanse of temperate climate and natural wonders like the Aconcagua, the highest mountain in the world outside the Himalayas, the widest river and estuary of the planet (the River Plate), the huge and mighty Iguazú Falls, some of the flattest and wide meadows-plains of planet Earth (as the Humid Pampas, a large ocean-sea coast in the Argentine Sea), culture, customs and cuisines famous internationally, a higher degree of development (very high compared to other Latin American countries), good quality of life and people and relatively well prepared infrastructure make this country one of the most visited in South America.
Buenos Aires City
Mainly for its beautiful landscapes and then for its cultural heritage, Argentina receives massive numbers of travelers.
The Argentine territory stretches from the highest peaks of the Andes in the west to colitis del Norte rivers and extensive beaches and cliffs of Argentine Sea in the east; from the tropical rainforest of the Yungas north to the valleys, glaciers, lakes and cold forests of Andean Patagonia in the south, and to Argentine Antarctica.
Perito Moreno Glacier
Through the warm landscapes of tropical climates contrasting, in a huge gradient microclimates, the polar climates or extensive and very fertile grasslands with the World´s most flatter plains contrasting with the highest mountains outside Asia, contrasted with also vast desert areas plethoric of geoforms for the annual running extensive and extreme Dakar rally race, the high mountain ranges, the pleasant Pampeanas mountains and the temperate Atlantic beaches and its extensive coastlines.
The huge distances require in most cases air travel.
The Misiones rainforest, Argentine Yungas, and areas of the Andean Patagonia are scientifically considered as biodiversity hotspots large areas worldwide.
National Park Iguazu
The great biodiversity and a large number of different landscapes and climates make Argentina a diverse country where appear to meet multiple countries together harmoniously (fertile temperates, deserts, cold forest, warm tropicals, and subtropical jungles, glacier areas, cold forests, Maritimes with cliffs, rias and fjords, etc).


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