Router Tenda AC11 Gigabit Dual Band 12AC Wireless Wifi Router WIFI Repeater 5*6 dBi High Gain Antennas, Wider Coverage Easy setup

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Tenda AC11 is a dual-band wireless router designed for large-scale homes that are suitable for 200M and above fiber-optic homes. Tenda AC8 is a dual band gigabit wireless router specially designed for family with fibre access.

Equipped with gigabit ports to support up to 1000 Mbps bandwidth access.

Tenda AC5 1200Mbps Smart Dual-Band WiFi Router. Migration of ISP User Name and Password,Four 5dBi dual-band omni-directional antennas,1 GHz CPU / MU-MIMO / Beamforming+ technology ,Remote management via Tenda WiFi App. Tenda AC23 dual-gigabit dual-band AC2100 is suitable for large families of fiber-optic homes of 200 meters and above. AC23 only Chinese firmware. English setting interface is not supported. You can download the application for English settings. In addition, we can provide Chinese and English translation manuals. You can consult customer service.


Tenda AC11


Tenda AC11 WAN/LAN ports are equipped with Gigabit wired network ports to support 200 MB and above fiber access; two 5G WiFi designs enable 867M WiFi access intelligent terminals, ensuring full utilization of 200M and above.